Blackwind Game Review

Blackwind is a top-down sci-fi action game that places you in the position of one of the teens trapped inside a combat armor prototype as an alien invader. You will be fighting against your enemies, cut through their ranks and then battle back in the last attempt to stop a planetary invasion.
In the event that the starship Pandora is destroyed James Hawkins finds himself trapped in a prototype military Battle Frame armor as he is hurling towards Medusa-42. James is forced to learn exactly how Battle Frame works as the Raknos attack the Earth, destroying every mining community.
James The quest of James isn’t complete without an unexpected friend and a Battle Frame encloses a surprising ally…
It is possible to choose the style you prefer You can shoot whenever you want, fire missiles at opponents, engage in melee combat or utilize special Battle Suit abilities to survive the battle.
Your foes will be destroyed through a series of incredibly fast moves.
Evolve Your Battle Frame with new powers as well as expand your skills.
Make use of the Battle Frame Drone to enhance your fight and explore your capabilities during the single-player battle.
Two players can control two players to control the Battle Frame or Drone in Local Coop Mode.

Reviewed by nami rule 34 comic

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