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Vampire Smooches

It is not right to Finn to try and suck Marceline’s blood since he is a lover of Marceline the vampire queen. However, Finn is a man and Marceline is very attractive, so she might be able to do the same thing… You probably already know what they’ll perform next by watching this comic parody on the hentai-themed website.

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The Crimson Splinter

A lab where Princess Bubblegum examines the properties of specific liquids. She is preparing to develop the formula to make the look-changing potion. Marceline appears in the lab. The girls start to debate over the properties of the elixirand accidentally drop the test tube. The gas appears, and then the experiment begins. After the gas has evaporated, the girls stare at each other in awe and amazement. Their bodies changed. They had huge breasts as well as round faces. Something has happened. Let’s see what has changed.

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MisAdventure Time 2 – What Was Missing

“Adventure time” will soon become “Hot Adventure Time”. The title promises an element of mystery however, the most important question is: Who can provide enough sex to Princess Bubblegum or Marceline now? Finn recognizes this isn’t an easy task however he isn’t thinking about turning down the opportunity. Because he knows he’s the winner, regardless of the outcome.

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